Southern California Snake Removal Inc

Film Industry

Southern California Snake Removal does work with the film industry. Some of the companies and films that we work with are:

PeeWees Big Holiday - Removed 1 So Pacific Rattlesnake and 1 Cal King (Left in area).

Tomb Stone Riders - Removed 3 So Pacific Rattlesnake.

Sony Pictures,
Grid Iron, removed 1 southern pacific rattlesnake behind craft services.

When a stranger calls. 0 snakes found

Seven Pounds. An amazing 12 snakes were removed from this set ranging from several southern pacific rattlesnakes, a few gopher snakes, and two racers.  

Friends with Benefits. We worked the hollywood sign for three days, and temps were in the low 50s and sky was cloudy the whole time. No snakes or lizards were found. Too cold!

Miles Deep Productions
Born a Star. We removed one mojave green rattlesnake the night before at the set.

Fangbanger Productions
True Blood. No snakes found yet on this set. However we are hopeful! While we haven't found any snakes on this set. None of the crew had seen any either while we were their!

Our rates for most jobs is a $400. minimum for an 8 hour day. With this fee you get a snake wranglers who continuously walks the set, craft services area, and the staff parking lots. We cover any areas where your people might encounter a snake. If you need a wrangler for longer then 8 hours, we can negotiate an hourly rate then on! 

We can assemble a last minute crew for your production, and get out ASAP! 

If given permission with enough notice permitted. We can set up a small locked display of the dangerous snakes from the area being filmed. This allows your staff to see first hand what to watch out for instead of questioning each snake they see.
If this is too extreme and you feel it would just scare people. We can walk the set and talk to the crew about the different snakes in the area and the importance of not trying to handle them.
As you know production can get very busy with deadlines and don't always have time to talk. When this is the case, the crew who are usually interested in what were doing have questions but don't have the time to talk. So we will leave them info on the local snakes that they can read when they have down time! 
It is not our goal to scare anyone working in snake inhabited areas. We just want you to be informed of the hidden dangers, and how to avoid a potential bite from something that will cause deformities, and could cause potential death. 

All workers for Southern California Snake Removal are covered under our insurance policy. If give the opportunity to work for your production company. We will provide proof of insurance along with our

Southern California Snake Removal is also available for non local work out of state. We are very familiar with non local snake species from around the country. Our snake wranglers as part of the hobby regularly take field excursions looking for different and hard to find snakes to document and photograph.
Thanks for taking the time to read about our services, and we hope to do business with you in the near future! 
Jason McElroy
                                              (818) 785-9321